The 7 Best Retail POS Systems

Are you on the hunt for the ideal retail POS system for your business? Today, we’re diving into a comparison of seven excellent retail POS systems to help you pinpoint the perfect fit for your needs.

First up is Square for Retail, a widely popular choice known for its affordability and scalability. Offering a free plan and seamless integration with online sales, Square is a solid option for growing businesses. However, its flat-rate payment processing fees may not be ideal for larger enterprises, and it’s currently unavailable for Android users.

Moving on to Lightspeed Retail, an advanced yet user-friendly iPad POS system. With detailed inventory management and a range of third-party integrations, Lightspeed is perfect for businesses with extensive product catalogs. However, its subscription plans can be pricey, especially for smaller businesses.

Next, we have Clover, renowned for its unparalleled customization options. Offering dedicated merchant accounts and a wide selection of POS hardware, Clover is ideal for larger businesses seeking tailored solutions. However, its hardware costs are higher than some competitors, and signing with certain resellers may pose contractual risks.

Shopify POS is another standout option, seamlessly integrating with Shopify’s e-commerce platform for a unified shopping experience. With features like international selling and customizable shipping profiles, Shopify is perfect for businesses with online and in-store operations. However, its lack of offline payment mode may be a drawback for some users.

Helm is a free POS system with transparent interchange-plus payment processing, making it cost-effective for midsize to larger businesses. With AI-powered interchange optimization and customizable invoicing software, Helm offers unique benefits. However, it may not be as customizable as some competitors, and interchange-plus rates may not be suitable for businesses with small transaction sizes.

Revel Systems caters to larger enterprises with custom-built software packages and extensive multilocation management features. While Revel offers robust customization and integration options, it requires a long-term contract and may incur significant early termination fees.

Lastly, we have Corona POS, designed for high-risk businesses and those vulnerable to theft. With built-in loss prevention features and compatibility with various payment processors and POS hardware, Corona offers flexibility and security. However, its interface may feel dated compared to other options, and third-party integrations are limited.

Each of these POS systems has its strengths and weaknesses, so consider your business’s specific needs and preferences before making a decision. Whether you prioritize affordability, customization, or security, there’s a retail POS system out there that’s perfect for you.

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